Book Review: The Rest of Her Life, Laura Moriarty

The Rest of Her Lifeis something that kept coming up in my suggested books list on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon, so when I got a nook (I see a trend here… I get a nook to buy cheaper books, and instead just buy more books!) I bought it to finally read. Right up front, I’ve gotta say, the description of the book on its jacket and on various websites is kind of misleading. These places describe it as the story about Kara, who, shortly before her high school graduation, accidentally hits and kills a classmate, and the book supposedly looks at the troubled relationship between Kara and Leigh (her mom).

But that’s not exactly what happens. Instead of being Kara’s story, this is more of Leigh’s story, and Kara’s accident is simply a catalyst to allow readers to see what’s going on, and what has gone on, with Leigh. (Although I wouldn’t really call Kara the catalyst as she ends up highly changed at the end of this book.) Leigh questions everything she knows: her past, who she is, friendships with others, her job, her own role of mother of her children, her children themselves… it’s an endless list. And we get to see her grow as a person, finally processing her entire life up until the point of the accident, and we get to see her figure out where she will go next.

Despite the fact that the book description and the book content don’t quite line up, I thought this was a thoughtful, intelligent novel, and it’s left me interested in reading Moriarty’s other books.

Rating: 9/10


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