Book Review: 703, Nancy Makin

Cannonball Read: 49

I randomly grabbed this book while at the library at work two weeks ago. Its premise is pretty simple: it’s the story of Nancy Makin, who writes about her weight gain, the catalyst for losing the weight, and the aftermath.

I’d read some reviews right after I checked this out that made me somewhat wary to read it. I found it surprisingly much more enjoyable than I expected. Many people were upset that Makin didn’t detail what it was, exactly, that she did to lose all that weight, but that didn’t bother me. For me, this was more about her ultimate destination than it was about the journey. (But she does talk about how she packed it on, and how she lost it: she found a world online in chat rooms where people didn’t look at her and think, “Fat. Gross.” In doing that, she gained the courage to make little changes in her life, and that resulted in her dramatic weight loss.)

Although this isn’t the most well-written book I’ve read, I think it really struck a chord with me because it made me realize how judgmental I am when I see people who are heavier. This book really made me stop and see that behind every “large” face I encounter, there is an entire set of emotions behind it. And it also made me realize how easy it is to spiral out of control. I’ve gained a bit of weight since I graduated high school ten years ago, and I’ve always thought, “I’ll never get THAT big.” Well, who actually thinks they will? It just happens, usually gradually. So in short, this was an excellent book to really make me think about others and my own life as well.

Overall rating: 6.5/10



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2 responses to “Book Review: 703, Nancy Makin

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  2. I just read this book too, and I found it interesting and uplifting that when she focuses on being of service to others, her life improved so much.

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