Book Review: Every Last One, Anna Quindlen

Cannonball Read: 53

Mary Beth is a happy mom, wife, and business owner. She’s got twin boys and a daughter about to start her senior year of college, and is very involved in her kids’ lives. When her daughter announces that she is planning on breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, Mary Beth is a little concerned because Ruby can’t seem to give her a good reason for it, but her concerns are quickly put to the side as she deals with her son Max’s depression. It is during her attention to her son that her family is blindsided by a truly shocking act of violence that will forever change them.

I was not in love with this book for reasons I can’t explain. The style of writing just didn’t resonate well with me. But will I will say that this book had going for it is that, while I figured out easily and early on who would commit the act of violence, I didn’t see what this person did. Did. not. see. it. coming. At all. I usually read reviews online of the books I’m starting to get a general idea, and for some reason I tried not to read any that posted spoilers. And I’m so glad I didn’t because the violence really did take my breath away and left me stunned.

It’s an okay book. Better than some, worse than others. I could see this being the perfect kind of book for a book club read, or just by someone looking for something different.

Overall Rating: 7/10


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