Book Review: Boy-Crazy Stacey, Ann M. Martin

Cannonball Read IV: #4

I have to come out and admit this (with no shame!) that I was – and still am, as a nearly-30-year-old woman! – a huge Baby-Sitter’s Club fan (thank you, Ann M. Martin for those happy years!) as a tween and even into my teens. At various times I’ve worked to complete my collection of books, and I still am (there are a TON of books!). When I found out that Scholastic was releasing the books with updated cultural references (no one watches VHS tapes anymore, and no one listens to cassette tapes!) and new covers, I was really excited. You see, I have the original series, and I have two sets of books 1 – 99 because I had to have them with both covers. Naturally I had to pick up copies of the books with the new covers so everything is complete. I’ve leaved through the books, but one night I picked up my new copy of Boy-Crazy Stacey and read it in an hour or so.

Here’s a plot summary of B-CS: Stacey and Mary Anne are hired by the Pikes as mother’s helpers/nannies when the Pike family (complete with eight children between five and eleven!) go on vacation to Sea City, New Jersey over the summer. There are romances, kisses, cheesy boardwalk gifts, and lots of cute kids and brother-and-sister drama to contend with. Aaand cut.

It’s hard to review a book I loved so dearly as a child because I have a huge bias, and honestly I still loved it. Are the Pikes a little too loose in their parenting? Probably. Do Stacey and Mary Anne act older than 13-year-olds? Yeah. Are the Pikes sometimes unrealistic? Totally. But I cannot help but love this!

I love that these books are fun reads for teenage girls, and deal with things like romance, family, and friendship in ways that girls could understand. Honestly, if my eight-year-old sister found this book, I wouldn’t totally freak out because there is nothing questionable in terms of its content. For that reason, I love it. These girls brought many fun, enjoyable hours to my reading as a child, and I’ve got no shame admitting the same holds true for my reading as an adult!


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