Book Review: Radical Together, David Platt

Cannonball Read IV: #8

My church home group is reading Radical Together by David Platt. I am a Christian, and I want the world to be in love with Christ, but I’ve always wanted to be a comfortable Christian. You know, doing evangelism from my second-row pew and in my community. This is going to be a relatively short review because the book, while excellent, is pretty succinct: we need to be radical for God and break free from the Sunday-morning Christian routine that so many of us are doing, even if we aren’t really aware of it. Platt suggests six areas where we can change: aiming for the best and not just good; listen to what the gospel is telling us to do (GO SERVE OTHERS!); listen to God and what His Word tells us; using every day people to spread the love of God, not just pastors; and live selfless lives (because we have died to self) for a self-centered God.

I’m just going to say that people who aren’t Christians won’t like this book and will find a lot to hate about it. It’s extreme (hence the title) and it says that Christianity is the way and the only way. But I loved it. It challenged me to do more and do bigger for the future of the Kingdom of God.


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