Book Review: Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury

Cannonball Read V #9

I work in a library. Well, my office is located in my college’s library and so, as an employee of a college, I have the perk of getting books for longer amounts of time. The last time I stocked up, I grabbed Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury and read it pretty quickly. A quick summary: Brad Cutler, a pretty awesome person in the world of an ad agency, is engaged to be married to his boss’s daughter Laura. But as the date gets closer, he is struggling with something that happened with him and is previous girlfriend, Emma, when both were much younger. And so he must go back to Emma, seeking closure before he can seek the future.

This book was what I call a fluffy read. It wasn’t bad or good, it just was. To be honest, most Christian fiction I read is pretty much similar in plot to the rest of the Christian fiction I read and this novel by Kingsbury is no different. It covers the usual topics: forgiveness, God’s grace, and the reassurance of eternity. The characters were mostly likeable, except Laura kind of got on my nerve when she was upset with Brad for going to see Emma, when I feel like it was pretty clear that he wasn’t going back to be with her.

Not too much of a deep review, but it’s hard to write much without giving away too much of the “surprise” that deals with why Brad must go back to reconcile with Emma. An relatively enjoyable, quick read if you’re visiting the pool or beach this summer.


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