Book Review: Frindle by Andrew Clements

Cannonball Read IV #21

Nick Allen is a thinker. His new teacher, Mrs. Granger, loves the dictionary. In an effort to avoid homework, Nick uses his thinking cap to ask lots of questions. Eventually, Nick invents a word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary – the findle, which means pen. It takes off and soon his classmates are using it, and then it’s something that spreads throughout the US. The story of Nick’s invention and its repercussions are the store of Frindle by Andrew Clements.

This is a young, young adult novel, but I read it because I’m trying to find some more books to recommend to my sister (who is a 3rd grader) and the kids of my friends. Honestly, I really enjoyed this novel as well as Clements’ writing style. The book would be a funny, engaging read, and it’s also a very great introduction to words and their importance. I’m not a teacher, but I could see teachers of older students, parents who homeschool, or parents who do extra work outside of school with their children using this novel to  have kids do dictionary work and creative writing work while making the writing and reading process fun.

 Overall Rating: 8/10


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