Book Review: Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

Cannonball Read IV #32

Ever since I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult years ago, I’ve been the “buy-it-on-preoder” kind of fan. I also ordered Lone Wolf as a preordered book and when it came, it looked exactly like I expected it to look. Shifting POVs from the different characters. Different fonts. The same. I think it usually works, and while this wasn’t my favorite Picoult novel, I think that it was far better than some of her more recent books.

Cara and her father are in a car accident and while Cara is okay, her father is very seriously injured. Cara’s brother, Edward, who has been living in Thailand for the last five years, comes home to help care for Cara and to figure out what to do about their father. But Edward and Cara have different opinions on what to do about their dad, and Edward’s relationship with him has been strained over the years.

This is a pretty average novel. The plot is kind of interesting, and Picoult’s information on wolves is an interesting way to tie everything in together. As usual, her research is amazing and I always feel like I learn something. But the relationships between everyone didn’t stand out to me in any special way. Although I definetly think that this is better than some of her more recent books, this book tends to fall into Picoult’s usual plot formal: Something intense happens. There’s some drama over what to do. Courtrooms are involved. Add in a special, unknown circumstance. Shocker ending. That is exactly how this novel unfolds. But I was expecting that — the fact that it was predictable didn’t come as a surprise to me.

If you’re a Picoult fan or if you’ve never read any of her previous works, you will most likely enjoy this one.


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