Book Review: Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer

Cannonball Read IV #28

I do not know why I do this to myself. No, I do know why. I have a thing for angsty-girls-mother-daughter books and this one, given its description fit nicely. Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer is the story of three sisters — Abbie, Emma, and Lily — whose lives are changed once when they’re young after the death of their mother and again in their twenties when they call converge at their father’s Nantucket home to figure out who they are.

This has spoilers. I don’t even care that you know that. You should know that this is dumb and telling you what happens will let you in on said avoiding. Let the number of exclamation points determine my feelings for this novel.

So. This book is told mostly from the perspective of four different women, plus Marina, a 30-something woman whose husband left her recently for her best friend. Marina is infertile, and her former friend Dara is pregnant! With her ex-husband’s child! The girls’ father rents out their small, kid’s playhouse to Marina and they fall in love! Woo! They swim and make love and it’s all peaches and creme!

Meanwhile, Emma is super depressed because she got dumped by her boyfriend, Duncan, who has a pretty douchey name to begin with. Duncan, being a grade A d-bag, gets with one of their coworkers. Emma loses all of her monkey in a stockmarket crash and now she can’t get out of best, she’s so depressed! Except five or six chapters in, she gets out of bed in a miraculous recovery when oldest sister Abbie, summoned home by big fat baby Lily, creates a gopher-jack-of-all-trades business.

Abbie becomes a nanny for Harry and his parents, Howell (called Owl) and Sydney! Howell and Abbie have the hots for each other! They have sex in the living room while Sydney is gone and Harry is asleep! Sydney goes from bitching out Abbie in one breath to being almost gracious to her in the next! SO MUCH ANGST!

Emma falls in love with Spencer, her employer’s grandson! She uncovers that his mother is stealing her employer’s heirloom possessions! Emma tries to take a few things for appraisal to prove they’re fake and wooooo, Lily has called the police to have her arrested!

Lily is just a brat, spoiled and always almost bursting into tears for 350 pages! She doesn’t get anymore.

Shallow writing, shallow characters, and a shallow plot: that’s what you get with this one. The only perk is that it is SLIGHTLY more well-written than a Danielle Steel novel.



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