Book Review: Expecting Adam by Martha Beck

Cannonball Read IV #31

In Expecting Adam by Martha Beck, Beck tells the story of her son Adam. Adam was Beck’s second child and during her pregnancy, she found out that he had Down Syndrome. Beck and her husband decided not to terminate the pregnancy and Adam was born the usual way, with Down Syndrome as anticipated. This is the story of how Adam is their extra special child.

This was a very… new age novel. I bought it because I’d read good things about it online but it was a little too far out there for me. Beck has a lovely story about choosing life for her son and it’s amazing to see the joy that he has brought to her family through the years (Adam is now an adult in his twenties), but there were a lot of “I felt the light” and “A stranger carried me down the stairs” and “mystical, magical” moments. This happened often enough that I felt it detracted from the beauty that was Adam’s story. I know the point was to show readers that Adam has always been surrounded by extra special stuff, but it was overkill.

I wanted to like this but overall my thoughts are just a meh.


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