Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Cannonball Read IV #34

Dear Ventura County Library & Overdrive: Thank you for supplying me with free ebooks. Because of you, I was able to read this book, which I was kinda wary about. I’d heard comments that contained the words “Harry Potter” in them, and as I indicated in my review of The Magicians, those comments make me wary (in that case, with good reason). But when there was zero monetary commitment on my part? Yes ma’am I’ll read that. All my love, Krista

Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel The Night Circus is the story of an unusual circus — the tents and performers appear one day, and the circus is at night. No one knows where it will appear next, yet it’s always found, by the faithful followers and those new to the circus. It is a lovely black and white circus, full of class and charm. But what no one can see is that the circus is all held together by two young magicians, Celia and Marco, competing in a battle with few rules that they understand and a prize that they will never be able to reach. When they fall in love, things start to happen to the circus, risking the balance of the fragile magic they have spun throughout the years.

I was absolutely enchanted and enamored with this book! Morgenstern’s language is so lovely that I felt as though I was walking the cool streets of the circus with all of the other visitors. The magical fire? I felt its warmth and saw its color. Each of the different tents in the circus, each created by Celia and Marco’s magic, was alive to me, even though they are things I could never experience in any kind of reality. I was there. It truly cast a spell on me, which is a super lame way to review a book about magicians but it’s my review and I just went there.

Not only did I feel like the circus was real to me, but I enjoyed the characters immensely as well and felt as though each of them was a friend in real life, especially Celia and Marco. Their love was palpable and touched me. The cast of supporting characters also helped with my like of C&M because they moved them around like pawns, and seeing every interaction was a beautiful thing.

How many flowery, poetic words can I use in this? I think I’ve reached my cap. I’ll call it good and end with this: The Night Circus is no on my favorites shelf (yes, I ordered it after reading the ebook!).


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