Book Reivew: Destined to Fail by Samantha March

Cannonball Read IV #33

This book. Oh, this book. Destined to Fail is the story of Jasmine Jones, who heads off to college with her friend Abby. Jasmine had a pretty rough life growing up, but she is determined to make a good life. She makes friends at college quickly, joins clubs, gets a job, and finds a boyfriend. When Abby announces she is pregnant and leaving college, Jasmine flips out and says a lot of mean, judgey things to Abby. But then boom goes the dynamite, because just a few months later, Jasmine is pregnant, too.

I really want to find a book that depicts teenage pregnancy in a real way, in a way that is believable. Because I don’t believe in Jasmine. Sad to say, but her character was so annoying and when she got pregnant my first thought was “Big. Freaking. Surprise.” And how it’s dealt with really did not jive with me. She loses her baby to a misscarraige, which is very traumatic for her, and then opens up a home for girls to teach them skills in life and how to get out of bad relationships or depression, all with the support of her college president. All in the span of a year.

I’m sorry, Samantha March, but have you ever worked for a college? You are smoking crack because nothing happens that fast.

The characters in this book were poorly created, basically cookie-cutter characters. You had the abused girl, the cutter, the happy girl escaping a bad life, the bad boy, another bad boy, a supportive counselor… I mean, shake it up a little bit, you know? There are smart books about girls living through teen pregnancy. Why not be one of them instead of being one that is just like every other book?

Final words: Skip it.


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