Book Review: Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin

Cannonball Read IV #46

I’ve wanted to read Animals Makes Us Human by Temple Grandin for a while. I checked it out as an ebook from the library and I have mixed feelings about it. There were parts that I thought were super interesting. Grandin covers the care of animals that range from cats and dogs to chickens, horses, and cows. It’s a big variety and even though I didn’t ever think I’d be thrilled to read about farm animals, there was some great information in there. I never knew what Temple explains about making death less cruel for chickens and cows. I’ve never though about how, even though we are going to eat them regardless, we can still have compassion as we are slaughtering them. And I pretty much loved every word on dogs because I am a huge dog lover.

But parts of this book were just straight up boring and very technical. I think these boring parts just didn’t interest me because I’m not into that kind of farming or caring for animals, but would be useful for someone who was or who had a job in that field. Grandin is also autistic, so her ability to focus and read technical information about things that interest her is very different than things that might interest a “normal,” able-minded person.

Regardless, if you’re interested in animals, thought might be a great book to slowly work your way through.


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