Book Review: Anything by Jennie Allen

Cannonball Read IV #52


The end.

Jennie Allen and her husband were in a rut. They felt out of sync with life and what God was calling them to do, so one night, they prayed a simple yet profound prayer: “God, we will do anything.” And He listened.

The result of that prayer is Allen’s book Anything. I am at the same place in my life so Allen’s words really resounded with me. The author and her husband went to seminary and were living lives that glorified God but they wanted more, so they asked Him to have His way, with their jobs, their family – the entire thing. The result is Cooper, their son who they recently adopted from Africa. He is a beautiful child and even though the process was hard on the Allen family, they listened.

This book really inspired me. It’s full of first-hand stories of how Allen and her family embraced the idea of anything and went to life an obedient life, even when it was hard or they didn’t want to. These are absolutely lessons I can learn. The book is simple, laying out why we need to be willing to sacrifice everything to else God have and do His anything. It’s written in a language that’s accessible to everyone – it’s not just for theologians and pastors.

It’s for everyone who is ready to give anything.


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