Book Review: Fear by Michael Grant

Cannonball Read IV #42

Fear by Michael Grant is the continuation of his Gone series, where all people over the age of 15 have disappeared. Fear picks up where its predecessor, Plague, left off. Kids are dying and those left are still divided into two groups, with Sam and Caine each group’s respective leaders. And then it happens: in a world that is self-contained under a weird, unending dome, genius Astrid notices that there is a stain, dark, creeping up the walls of the dome. Other kids notice it, too, and it spreads rapidly until the entire dome is covered and it’s dark. How will the survivors of the FAYZ survive with no light?

My thoughts really haven’t changed since my review of Plague last year. I think this series of books is exciting and I couldn’t wait to find out what happens to those who are left. The characters are changing, too, as anyone would in the midst of a world like the one they’re living in. Grant does a nice job of not changing them too fast or two slow. Something that I thought made this book great was its addition of the parents’ perspective on the other side of the dome. It makes me wonder so much how the last book in the series will wrap up and yes, I’ve preordered this one, too.

At times the writing is not amazing, but considering this the Lord of the Flies meets Under the Dome, I’m okay with that. It’s got enough adventure and excitement to make up for the lack of quality writing in parts. I have to admit that the writing could be worse if the books were coming out more frequently – at least there is a year between each one (despite the fact that it sucks finishing one and having an entire year to wait before the next comes out!).


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