Book Review: I’m Not Her by Janety Gurtler

Cannonball Read IV #37

In Janet Gurtler’s I’m Not Her, we meet Tess and Kristina, two sisters as opposite as they get. (Cliché “sisters who are very different”: check.) Tess is average in all aspects: looks, boys, grades. Kristina is the life of the party, smart and athletic and even worse, she is genuinely nice. (Cliché differences in the different sisters: check.) But then things go wrong: Kristina finds out she has a very serious form of cancer. (Cliché plot point when tragedy strikes sisters who are different who aren’t close: check.) What happens in the rest of the novel is how the sisters’ relationship develops as their family deals with Kristina’s cancer.

In case you couldn’t tell from my summary, I thought this book was pretty cliché. It was kind of like My Sister’s Keeper, minus the baby used to farm out body parts for her big sister. I liked Kristina and I was sad for her and what she had to endure. I wanted to like Tess but holy crap was she annoying to me at times. I guess it’s hard for me to really empathize with characters who feel like they’re average who mope about it. Great! You’re average! If you don’t think it will change, accept it, and lead an average, happy life, but don’t whine about it for the rest of your life.

One thing that I really didn’t like was how everyone was focused on Kristina. Clearly the girl had cancer and therefore required a lot more attention that Tess, healthy Tess. But you cannot tell me that Tess wasn’t affected at all. Read this book and you’ll see – Tess was affected. Her family needed to look at her needs, too, even though everyone kind of saw Kristina as their center.

A good book to check out from the library (that’s what I did!) or borrow from a friend who’s bought it.


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