Book Review: Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

Cannonball Read IV #45

Katie Davis has it all. She’s pretty, her family loves her and is tight-knit, she’s smart, her boyfriend is cute, she’s headed to a university, and the car she drives is pretty awesome, too. But she becomes restless and after a trip to Uganda, she decides to give all of those things up. What begins as a short missions trip her senior year of high school becomes a life choice that she makes after graduation. This is Katie’s story, the story of helping babies and young girls without mamas and spreading the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have utterly nothing but poverty and disease.

I enjoyed reading Katie’s story. If anything, I wish it had been more detailed because it seemed so quick from high school missions trip to life decision. But Katie’s heart shines through regardless. She has given up everything, literally everything, she ever had while she was growing up in her Nashville suburb, to care for people who give her nothing back but love and gratitude. I’m feeling the same kind of restlessness in my own heart and life and although I’m not sure if I am called to go be a missionary in a foreign country, I appreciated Katie’s honesty and willingness to do it. She also shares that it’s not all sunhines and puppies and smiles. It’s hard work and there are times where it would be easier to quick. But when all of the little girls she has adopted call her mom or mommy, and she sees how Jesus has transformed them, she knows she is doing what she is called to do.


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