Book Review: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess)

Cannonball Read IV #48

I cannot even honestly begin to tell you the awesome things about Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) and her first book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Jenny’s blog is so funny and I was expecting that her book would be just as hilarious. Oh thank goodness it lived up to my expectations. There were so many times that I straight up laughed out loud. Jenny shares real, difficult stuff in her life – struggles with depression and anxiety, issues with getting pregnant, and other weird things – that come across as so real and heartfelt, but they also come across as hilarious. Her book is a reminder that life is hard and we’re all going to face a lot of pain and struggle, but if we can laugh at ourselves, we will always get through it.

While I found the entire book delightfully hysterical, my favorite chapter (which was something that was once on her blog and so was a re-read for me) is “Stabbed by Chicken.” Some of the best bits (and I’m dying of laughter as I type this out):

Blog entry: I can barely even type this because my hand is all swollen, but I was just carrying my pug (Barnaby Jones Pickles) into bed when he suddenly did this flip that almost broke my middle finger, and then he ran in between my legs, and I fell so hard I couldn’t even move… I yelled for Victor, who found me lying on my stomach in front of the fridge. He was all, “What. The fuck. Did you do?” and I said, “The dog tried to kill me.” Then Victor learned down and raised an unnecessary eyebrow as he said in disbelief, “Our dog? Our tiny little dog did this to you?” and I was all, “HE’S LIKE A NINJA!”

She goes on to explain how she got stabbed by a chicken and I pretty much threw up from laughing so hard. She is the more-vulgar version of Tina Fey. If you loved Bossypants, you will probably really, really like this book. And if you don’t, I do not care because it was awesome.


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