Book Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Cannonball Read IV #44

Pandemonium is the second in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy. I’ve been awaiting it since I finished the first book last year. It picks up right where Delirium leaves off. Lena has escaped from the world where everyone is forced to have a controversial operation that will make sure they never fall in love. Sure, they’ll get married and have kids and work but it’s all in a loveless society. Love is a horrible disease, and Lena caught it when she fell for Alex, who had faked his way through the cure. As they were escaping, Lena made it but Alex did not, and now Alex is surviving, cure-free, in the wilds and later in the real world in an attempt to bring down the cure for everyone.

What can I say except that I am a sucker for dystopian young adult novels and this series happened to catch my attention last year when I was really getting into them. I like Lena and I like the group of people she is living with in the wilds. They’ve made their own unique family and each person seems real, although angry or very afraid (rightfully so) to me. Overall this is a book about bucking the trends of society, something that all of us should take into consideration. It also shows just how hard and dangerous doing that can be, which I appreciated it. While it certainly glamorized rebelling to an extent, it also clearly showed how dangerous and difficult it can be.


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