Book Review: The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark

Cannonball Read IV #38

Every year I preorder the newest Mary Higgins Clark book and every year I think to myself, “I’m pretty sure I’ve read this before.” That’s because MHC, who will honestly always fall into my list of favorite authors, has pretty much hit a stride with her formulaic mystery/suspense novels, and The Lost Years is no different. It’s got a different premise than her previous novels and while I appreciated it, the book generally fell into the “meh” category (yet I’ll give her $25 of my hard-earned money as I have done every year since I was 12 and read her first book).

Drawing on the fame of Dan Brown’s equally meh books, Clark has written a book that posits the existence of a letter from Jesus Christ to Joseph of Arimathea, the man who took Jesus to his own tomb after the crucifixion. Its discovery and authenticity has been hotly debated for centuries ever since it disappeared from the Vatican library, and professor Jonathan Lyons believes he has found it. A few days later, though, he is dead, and his wife, who is in full-blown dementia cause by Alzheimer’s disease, is arrested as the number one suspect. His daughter Mariah, distanced from her father after she discovers he has been cheating on his sick mother with a younger woman, must figure out who killed her father and save her mother from prision.

This book is pretty typical Clark. Pretty young woman with a great job: check. Lots of descriptions of suits and home décor: yes. Love interest for the pretty young woman: check. Everything that takes place in a usual Mary Higgins Clark book takes place in this one. Like most of her books, it’s easy to unravel the plot about halfway through. Quick, short chapters makes it a page turner for sure, if only because you’re ready to get it over with already.

Despite its clear flaws of being cliché and over-the-top formulaic, I will be the first to admit that I already know when the next Mary Higgins Clark book will be published, and yes, I’ve already preordered it. (Maybe I can just save myself the time and trouble of writing a new review and can recycle this one… That’s a thought!)


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