Book Review: The Mockingbirds and The Rivals, both by Daisy Whitney

Cannonball Read IV #49 & 50

The Mockingbirds and its sequel, The Rivals, both by Daisy Whitney, were fantastic books. They tell the story of an elite private school where student disobedience doesn’t happen. At least the faculty and staff don’t think it happens. But it does, and so the students, due to the lack of the school’s own disciplinary structure, are forced to create their own, underground system of action called The Mockingbirds. It’s a very highly-structured group, with a board and students who essentially serve as lawyers and who, if a student is convicted, create and uphold a punishment for the offending student.

I thought the concept of these books was brilliant. Its characters were well-developed and real, and I loved how organized and well-planned The Mockingbirds are. It was definitely an adventure reading these books and I genuinely had no idea what would happen in each (in the first, if the offending party was convicted and in the second, if the rival group would prevail). I sometimes get annoyed with sequels, but I though The Rivals was a perfect follow up to the The Mockingbirds and that it wasn’t essential to read The Mockingbirds first.

The only massive suspension of disbelief that I had to have was that the administration and faculty would turn such a blind eye to blatant acts of violence and anger on campus, and when they do find out about them, they still ignore them. I’ve never attended an elite boarding school but it just seems unrealistic to me.

Check if out if you’re a fan of the young adult genre!


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