Book Review: unPlanned by Abby Johnson

Cannonball Read IV #47

The last two years have been very growing seasons for me. I began attending church two years ago after saying I’d never go again, and I’ve asked God to change me as He’s needed to, and he has. It’s been a struggle for me because I was very, very liberal during those ten years between attending an unhealthy and healthy church. One of the areas I struggled with the most was my thoughts and feelings on abortion, and I randomly found unPlanned by Abby Johnson while browsing at Barnes and Noble one day. It’s the story of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, who ended up working for a Catholic right-to-life organization (and she doesn’t even support birth control anymore). This is definitely an extreme story, but reading it was very comforting for me because it encapsulated everything I was feeling during my time of transition. I’m not here to argue the merits or legality of abortion (although I guess we could, respectfully, if you really wanted to), but rather to say that this book, while not one of those books that is just outstanding, was a good read for me. It offered me good insight on someone who was making such a dramatic life transition and explained her emotions behind it. Is it argued with Christian rhetoric? Sure, but I really wouldn’t expect anything less/else, and if I were reading a book about someone’s beliefs altering the other day, I’d expect the same kind of passionate arguments for that person’s beliefs. I guess what this book boils down to is that it was exactly what I expected and is a worthy read if you’re on the fence or trying to understand the thought process of someone whose entire moral compass has shifted radically.


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