Book Review: In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols

Cannonball Read IV #60

Last year, Charisse’s second grade teacher gave me a bag of Christian novels to read. Some of them were western-y and not my usual fare, but one interested me right off the bat: In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols. It’s the story of a young woman who gives birth as a teenager and is forced by her mother to place her baby for adoption. She never knows if the baby is a boy or a girl, only getting to hold her for a few minutes thanks to the kindness of a nurse. Years later, that girl, Miranda, ends up in Abingdon, Virginia, drawing the attention of a police officer, who finds out that Miranda has a picture of his niece… and he becomes very curious about her.

I gave this book a relatively high rating on GoodReads. It’s not one of those books that say stays with you forever, but it was fun to read in the moment. I liked Miranda, but I was frustrated with her actions at first because she let her mom walk all over her. I guess that doesn’t matter much in the long run because there are people like that in real life, and I know people like that, but it still irked me. But she finally grew bold and started to make a life for herself. It was a good redemption story that I enjoyed.

There is also a second, much smaller story happening: Irish Gypsies are in town taking advantage of the small-town “let’s help people out!” mentality. The police officer, Joe, must deal with this. One gypsy in particular becomes entangled in Miranda’s life in the most unusual way and it really did surprise me. I wasn’t sure how well it fit in with the rest of the story, but it was unexpected nevertheless.

A fun summer read, or even something relaxing to curl up to the fire with during this cooler time of year.


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