Book Review: Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

Cannonball Read IV #66

Two daughters, a mother, and the secrets that haunt them: this is the premise of Fly Away Home, the first Jennifer Weiner I’ve read in a while. Sylvie’s secret becomes public when the world finds out that her husband, a US Senator, cheated on her with one of his interns, and he later got a job. Sylvie leaves him for the family beach home and invites her distant daughters to visit her as well. Both girls have secrets of their own. Lizzie, a recovering drug addict, finds herself pregnant and fully of major fear, and Diana, the older of the two, is in a loveless marriage and having an affair with an intern at the hospital where she is an ER physician. The three women come together to face their secrets and figure out how life goes on and if it will.

This was a great book but there were times where I really, really did not like Diana. She was very controlling and demanding, which was fine, but there were points where she just went crazy and I was like, NO I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR CRAZY ASS. Her husband was a wet rag and she never told him that she was unhappy because she thought she was in control of her destiny. Yeah, that works. And then she yelled at Lizzie one time without ever hearing her out, simply assuming that she was going drugs. That really upset me. I guess the dynamic between my sister and I was is very different since there are 20 years between us, but I feel like I would always fall on her side, not the sides that makes her feel like she can’t do anything right.

I liked the uncertainty that Sylvie has with Richard and how she doesn’t come close to letting him back into her life easily or even quickly. I appreciated that Weiner didn’t make a woman go running to a man to find her worth and value. And I also really liked that she tried to make amends to her daughters, especially Lizzie, who had a terrible thing happen to her, a thing that Sylvie wasn’t forceful enough about. Making amends was really important to her in the midst of her own crisis and I loved that. I think it’s important for women — especially mothers — to make amends when they’ve wrong someone. It’s never too late to try to fix those seemingly-broken relationships.

Another hit from Weiner.


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