Book Review: The Kill Order by James Dashner

Cannonball Read IV #63

Oh you guys. I have to be upfront in saying that I basically hated The Kill Order by James Dashner. It’s the sequel to The Maze Runner trilogy, which was a great dystopian series. TKO is the story of the lead up to the events in TMR. I was expecting so much more. What I got was the backstory on the sunflares that devastated the Earth (which I liked) and how The Flare was spread initially (which I also liked). It was also the story of how Tommy and Teresa came to be and how they got involved with the Maze (which I liked). But their parts were so small, just the beginning and the end of the book. The rest of the story is about a motely crew of characters who are supposed to take us from pre- to post-Flare, which they do miserably.

Honestly, my biggest complain is that this book is 75% too long. Take out all of the fighting and hiding and killing in the middle, make it a short story, and it would have been good. Great, even. But the way it reads in its full length is too — way, way too — long for the content it covers. The way I see it is that Dashner and the publisher were like “OHHHHH! Look how well the first three books did! Let’s write another one and call it part of the trilogy.” No thank you. Your efforts to capitalize on a great series of books is an abysmal failure.


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