Book Review: Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

Cannonball Read IV #69

Clearly I’m on a Jennifer Weiner kick since this was my second novel by her in about three weeks. Then Came You is the complicated tale of what it means to be a mother and a daughter. Jules, a bright college senior about to graduate, decides to sell her eggs to put her father through rehab. Annie, a mother of two and wife, decides to be a surrogate using Jules’ eggs in an effort to make some extra money to support her husband. India (if you think that’s her real name, you’re nuts) wants a baby but her and her husband cannot have of their own, and turn to the same agency Jules and Annie work through. All is going well until India’s step-daughter Bettina has some questions about her step-mother than are answered by a private detective.

I was expecting this book to be kind of confusing one all four voices were present but it wasn’t. The four stories dovetailed well and each women supported the other. The fact that Bettina didn’t outright reveal what her private detective had turned up surprised me but I also liked it because it showed someone who actually thought things through instead of acting impulsively. And how everyone found out India’s secrets surprised me. One thing that kind of made me go “Meh” was how quickly — rushed almost — India’s back story was revealed during some of her final chapters. I wanted smaller pieces of it throughout the book. That said, I am sooo glad that I did get it! I’ve ready plenty of books where the author lets you know that a character has some kind of secret past and then never tells you what that secret past is. How frustrating is that! The way the come come together at the end to support the baby really was awesome to me, too. It’s really an uplifting story and a borderline fluffy read — and definitely chick lit.



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2 responses to “Book Review: Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

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  2. Then Came You was not only an entertaining audio book, but it was also a thought provoking book. I found the whole surrogacy issue very interesting.

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