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Here I am!

You guys. I have missed writing about books – a lot. I don’t meanĀ  writing the kinds of papers I wrote as an English student during my undergrad degree (let’s be real, I didn’t read all of those, let alone enjoy writing about them, as evidenced by my meager B in Major British & European Authors my last semester of college). But I do meant writing a thoughtful book review of a book that I’ve loved or hated or just generally felt indifferent about.

I miss writing about the books that have impacted my life, for better or for worse. Tonight as I was driving home, I was eating pretzels and I couldn’t help but think about how Rachel Robinson in Just As Long As We’re Together eats the same kind of pretzels – one stick at a time, in her mouth until she’s licked all of the salt off.

I want to write about the books whose content changes me or sticks with me through the ages.

So I’m coming back. Not out of obligation (which is what I’ve done for the last two years!), but out of love and passion. Here we go!


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