It’s that time of year

Okay, first of all, I finished a review about 18 months in the making AND I wrote a brief review of a book I’ve read this year. I can officially say I’ve meet my review blogging quota of the year. Haha.

Now that that’s out of the way, I would just like to say how EXCITED I am to finally, finally be participating fully in the Dewey 24-Hour Readathon. I don’t know when I first heard about his, but it’s been literally years since I have longingly tried to participate. But various things came up or there were already events I’d committed to before I knew the date.

Well. This year I pencilled April 26 in my calendar right away and have continued to keep that day sacred to me. Because I would rather wake up at 4:45 in the morning to start my 24-hour readathon at 5:00 am with people all over the world. In fact, just today a friend sense me a text saying, “Do you wanna do drinks next weekend to celebrate you and Becca’s birthdays?” I said yes, and then it hit me that realistically, the only day we’d be able to meet would be Saturday. I contemplated going out with them, and then I remembered how hard I’ve worked to make this day free to myself… and so I wrote back and said “But Saturday is not going to work. I have all day plans.”

What am I doing to prepare? Well, to be honest I haven’t done a ton of stuff yet! Life has been so busy and since I work at a church and this weekend is Easter, all things Easter have been my real priority. After I go home tomorrow I plan on taking stock of what I will need for that day. Here are some of my tentative plans:

Well, this is obviously a given for a readathon! But I need to make a pile of books I’ll be reading. I am not a quick reader but I anticipate being able to finish a book I’m in the middle of and maybe get good headway into another book. Here’s my book to-do list:
– charge my nook (gotta have options!)
– look over my unread books and narrow down my selections
– finish two of the books I’m reading right now (totally doable!) before Saturday

Food & drink
I am really going to make a valiant effort to make in through all 24 hours without a nap. If that is going to happen, I will need energy. I’ve got to get some yummy snacks and drinks to supercharge me.
– milk (for coffee at home)
– coffee
– flavored water (I am in LOVE with the Ice Lemonades!)
– pretzels
– carrots
– chips & dip
– hummus
– a little candy!
– make some easy food to reheat, like bacon and scrambled eggs and pasta with sauce

I am planning on being active on this blog and twitter with minimal  Facebook activity and moderate instragram activity. I need to post a graphic and a message mid-week to tell people that I will be unavailable!

I don’t have internet at home, aside from my phone, which is fine for twitter and instagram. But even though I can use the WordPress app, it’s kind of hard to blog consistently throughout the day using it. So I plan on starting the day at home, working my way  to the library at 10, when it opens, until 5, when it closes (snacks packed in my bag!). This will I will have internet access and a comfy place to read (there are tables and places to curl up with a good book). Another option I’m thinking of is spending Friday night at my parents’ house and staying there all day, which will be an easier and far more comfortable option – I’ll just have to make it clear that I’m unavailable. Thankfully they have a spare bedroom I can hole up in, or I can sit outside in the California sunshine!

I think that’s it for now! If you have stumbled across this blog and are participating in the readathon, tell me how you are preparing for it! Can’t wait to read “together” at this time next week!


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