I am totally a child of the 90s when I say that I have had a long and passionate love obsession with the entire Baby-Sitters Club series. I got them in the mail, I stalked the bookstore at the mall, I read them over and over again at school and sneaked them home from the library. I recently have rekindled this love affair and I’ve started trying to complete my collection. That means I’m looking for the books I’m missing: copies of each cover edition of the books (there are between one and three for the original series!), all of the super specials and other spin offs.

What’s the point, you ask? These were such a special part of my childhood, and honestly a saving grace because they gave me a refuge from a lot of junk taking place in the world around me. They allowed me to keep a certain level of innocence and I have wanted for years and years to get a complete collection. So now that I’m 31, I’m doing just that.

I sorted all of my books earlier in the week. Last night I cleaned out my bookshelves and posted to PaperbackSwap a bunch of books I don’t care to own anymore. And I’ve already requested a ton of BSC books to get me started (although I think I have up until the 60s without any gaps, so I’m good for a while!).

As the books are coming in, I am — you guessed it! — reading them all.

My goal is to read 237 books (that’s the regular series, the super specials, the mysteries, the super mysteries, the autobiography books, the special books, the Friends Forever series and super specials, the graphic novels, the novels related directly to the regular series, and the California Diaries series) by December 31,  2015. I will be 32 years old when I finish this project. And my dream will be fulfilled. (I’m skipping over the Little Sister series. I’ll probably attempt to collect those ones, too, because they’re a spin off of the regular series, and I might read them, but it’s too much hassle to add them to this list!)

If you care to read with me, I’ll be updating here sometimes and I’ll also be posting on twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #bscchallenge.

Happy reading!



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2 responses to “#bscchallenge

  1. Tamara Nelson-Fromm

    This is such a great idea! I always loved those kind of series that came out in the 90s! The Babysitter’s club was one of my favorites, though my absolute favorite was the Animorphs. Unfortunately, I learned to read a while after they came out, so I started reading them after they were out of print. I’ve always thought of doing this sort of thing with the Animorphs series, though my undertaking would be less impressive than yours as there are only 54 books in that series.

    • Krista

      I never got into the Animorphs but I know people who loved them. It’s super fun to read the things we loved as kids as adults! Makes me laugh a little bit. I’m pretty sure it will take me FOREVER to get through the books I’m reading but I’ve already got two down. Thankfully they’re quick reads!

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