Book Review: Big and Little Coloring Devotional

I am a fan of coloring books for adults. I think they’re fun, calming, and help me express myself in an artistic way — I can’t draw, but if you give me a page with something already on it, I will go to town coloring it. I was excited to get my copy of Big and Little Coloring Devotional by author Rachel Swanson and illustrator Jacy Corral. They wanted to create a book where mamas and kids could sit together and do the same thing at the same time in a way that engaged each of them in age-appropriate ways. I love that the book is a collaboration between two women who love the Lord.

I think this book is designed perfectly for its intended. Each devotional is a pair of pages — one with a short paragraph as well as a more intricate drawing; the other side of the page is child-friendly with less detailed artwork to color in. The devotionals provide really excellent content for discussion and I can see them working well for little kids as well as older ones. (And you know, I can absolutely picture a teenager sitting with her mama coloring and talking about things based on the content of these devotionals, which is really neat!)

I love how the devotional is bound at the top of the book. It makes it so easy to just grab the book, some pencils or crayons, and color with your little at the same time. Although it’s kid-friendly, I do think that it’s probably better for kids six or older. Some of the little coloring pages would be too complex for two-year-old hands (unless you don’t mind scribbles, in which case I say go for it!).

One thing I must admit: I can totally see myself coloring both the big and little pages. They’re just so fun and well-drawn that it is too hard not to! Also, you should know the pages hold up really well and are pretty thick. I colored with crayon, colored pencil, and Staedler Triplus Fineliner with no bleed through.

Happy coloring!

I received a copy of this book from B&H Publishers in exchange for a review.


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