Review Policy

Thanks for stopping by Overflowing Heart Books! I love getting to share my love of books with people as well as hear what they love. It’s an exciting thing to share!

Am I Accepting Reviews?
I am currently accepting books for review. I accept the following formats for review:

  • Hardcover
  • Trade paperback
  • Mass market paperback
  • eBook (nook, PDF, epub — anything that can be read on an iPhone or a nook)

Currently, I am not accepting audio books.

What I Read
While I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, I am most likely to accept the following genres for review:

  • Chick lit
  • Women’s literature
  • General fiction
  • Mysteries/suspense
  • Young adult literature
  • Christian fiction
  • Biographies and autobiographies
  • Some science fiction (see below)
  • Short story anthologies
  • Children’s books (I have a young sister to help me with these)

At this time, I rarely accept submissions for the following kinds of books:

  • Hardcore science fiction/supernatural
  • Most Christian non-fiction
  • Self-help books
  • Poetry
  • Self-published books
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Textbooks
  • History
  • Politics
  • Paranormal romance

Regardless of the book, I reserve the right to pass up on it if it doesn’t seem like something I would enjoy reading or something that I do not think would be a good fit with this blog. If I accept a book for review, I will finish reading it.

Review Timeframe
Typically I will review a book within two – three weeks. I read a lot, and there are books of my own that I buy! If a review is needed sooner than two – three weeks, please contact me and I will see if I can accommodate an earlier review. Typically I post my reviews on retailer websites such Barnes and Noble and Amazon (using an affiliate link); I also post a review on my Goodreads page. Depending on your needs, I am willing to post my review elsewhere.

Review Content
Each review I post will contain an image of the book (if you provide one, I will use that; otherwise, I will find one using GoodReads), a brief synopsis (typically one from the publisher but I will write my own if I feel it better fits the book), and my review. My review will always honest. If I was given the book as compensation for a review, I will also post that information. Any other relevant information regarding the book will be posted with the review (such as publication date, if it’s in the future), information regarding virtual book tours, etc. Each review will also include a rating on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 the worst score (not recommended) and 10 the best (highly recommended).

I am more than happy to give away a copy of the book I’m being asked to review and will promote this via my Twitter and Instagram. Unless given specific instructions to do so, I do not give away or sell ARCs.

To contact me regarding a review or potential review, or any other concerns I haven’t addressed here, please email me at krista [dot] wilbur [at] outlook [dot] com.


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